Demand for Camper Van Hire

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Demand for camper van hire takes off again

Camper van hire is a service that more and more holidaymakers are waking up to and taking advantage of. Up until only a few years, hiring a camper van was something most holidaymakers would have never really considered.

In the UK, the camper van hire business was once mainly made up of students or mature adults who were enjoying a gap year, in the UK. Australians and Americans who were taking student gap years or sabbaticals from their jobs would come to the UK with the intention of seeing as much of the country as they could. For them hiring or buying a camper van was the perfect solution. The fact they were in the UK for several months made using hotels and B&Bs prohibitive from a cost point of view.

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Camper vans gave them the flexibility they needed to stay where they wanted and move on when they wanted.

Both Australians and Americans are used to driving long distances and doing so in large vehicles, so they were not daunted by the idea of driving a camper van. Sadly, for Americans the practice of allowing employees sabbaticals every 10 or 15 years is very much on the wane.

Australian students are still coming to the UK in similar numbers, but economics mean that most now base themselves in large UK cities and explore from there. The majority need to hold down a job to be able to afford to explore the UK, so they use their leisure time to explore rather than hiring a camper van for several months.
For the camper van hire industry as a whole, this has been bad news. However, not for all, those who have adapted and looked for new markets have had a surprising level of success.

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The new business models for camper van hire

Many van hire firms have adapted what they offer to appeal more to UK holidaymakers rather than foreign visitors looking for an adventure.

The pricing they offer makes it far cheaper for four adults to hire a camper van and enjoy the freedom of the road. They include extras, such as, Sat Nav, child seats and bike racks, so whether you are a family looking for a safe, controlled environment for your toddler or a group of adventure sports fans they have a van to suit.

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