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Swift Bolero 744PR Review

swift bolero 744 PR

The swift Bolero 744 PR Review

In this review, we take a look at Swifts 2016 Bolero 744PR

This medium size motor home utilizes Fiat's Ducato 150bhp 2.3 litre turbo diesel engine. The engine appears perfectly capable of pulling the swift across all types of terrain. Even on hilly sections there was plenty of pulling power.

Although this is luxurious camping for up to four persons, I suspect this will appeal more to couples as there is plenty of space and it could be used all year round. The plated weight is 4.25 tons and the length is 8.07 metres.

Swift Bolero

The motorhome has two double beds that are assembled at either end of the motorhome, using the existing seating. It benefits from a pull out side canopy and external gas and mains points, meaning that space can really be extended for proper outdoor living.

Being a 2016 model, leds are used for lighting up walkways, providing excellent night time illumination as well being fitted in the front and rear lighting.

The wraparound seating is plush and made in a velvety stain resistant fabric.

Swift Bolero 744 PR

The motorhome benefits from large windows, which allows plenty of light and there are loads of storage lockers and corner shelves, which allows you to take plenty with you but at the same time keep the swift bolero clutter free.

As with a lot of modern motorhomes (started by winnebago) the two cab seats swivel round to face the dining room table. If you are buying this as a family, you are able to set up two distinct living spaces for you and your children. Essential where space is at a premium.

The kitchen area contains a microwave and a domestic oven, as well as a stainless steel sink and large 190 litre fridge freezer. Enough room to completely satisfy a long weekend break without having to re stock.

The wash and toilet area has a great shower unit with ecocamel shower head. The toilet is electronically operated and a radiator for those colder months. The area is well lit for daytime and nighttime use.

Bolero Plan
Swift Bolero comes with the option to include a bike rack, air conditioning and colour reversing camera. The reversing camera is a must on a vehicle like this.

The swift has a fresh water and waste tank both holding up to 100 litres as well as a 100ah leisure battery and two 13kg gas bottles.

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This is a great motorhome with high specification throughout. Whilst the 2016 swift bolero 744PR can easily handle four occupants, we think that this will appeal to couples given the high end spec and amount of space available.