Burstner Viseo I700 Motor Home Review

This is a review of the burstner viseo i700 motor home


burstner viseo i700 is an award-winning motor home that has won the trust of many in the world. Its superiority is seen in its features.

General information

· Its registration year date in 2014

· It has a six speed manual gearbox

· It has 4 berths

· It features a fiat ducato 2.3 130 multijet engine

· It is a burstener model

· It has alloy wheels 640

The specifications listed above may not mean a lot to a user who has no engineering background. In that case, it is important o talk about what the motor home really offers to the users i.e. the traveller.

1. Entertainment

Entertainment is essential in any travel and this motor home assures that. There are different elements that ensure that the entertainment aspects of the coach are paramount. First of all, there is a modern radio/CD player which will enable the traveller to enjoy his/her favorite music while at the same time catching update about the current issues. The leisure battery and charger further enhances the entertaining features of the motor home. There are also two tv's allowing a catch up of your favourite program or movie.


2. Comfort

Different areas can be discussed when it comes to unfolding the comfort that burstner viseo i700 gives. If you enjoy a hot shower, you will get exactly that –thanks to the water heating system that has been installed. The coach is also well air conditioned in order to ensure that the occupants feel comfortable throughout the journey. The electric windows that it features are also suggestive of the comfort that you will enjoy. You will have an easy time opening and closing the windows.

3. Cooking640

You hate packed food? No problem! With this motor home, you can cook your favorite meal any time. There is an oven/grill which will facilitate that. Individuals who wish to carry some packed food are also at liberty to do because they will enjoy the services of an installed fridge.

Other features that enhance the superiority of the motor home include:

· The cassette toilet

· Cruise control

· Double glazed windows

· Electric mirrors

· Fresh and waste water tanks

· Roof light –the heki roof light

· Swivel front seats


Indeed this is a sturdy travel tool that has come in at the right time. It offers the much needed reliability and comfort.

What do past users say?

A good number of people are for it i.e. they endorse it. It is a spacious motor home that facilitates moving out with your friends, members of family, business partners among other individuals.

However, some people have complained about its limited space especially in situations where you want to travel with more people.

Many users like it due to the facilitates that it comes with. It is really a competitively priced motor home because it enables us to practice what we can do at home. The only key different is that the motor home allows us to practice that while on transit. The descriptions given here may look unbelievable for some of us. If you are in doubt of the capabilities of this coach, kindly seek its services this holiday. You will be intrigued!

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