Are Dutchess Recreational Vehicles a Good Choice?

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If you plan on getting a recreational vehicle, you probably want to know if getting one of the dutchess recreational vehicles is a good option …. or if it’s one you’ll end up regretting over time.

When looking for an RV or one of the many small motorhomes available in the market, you probably wonder where to buy and why people recommend buying from certain places and tend to discourage people from buying from others. The fact is that no matter what, people will be recommending to you based off an emotion aspect, which is why salesman seem to always be in a good mood, for example.

But buying something like an RV requires you to be as logical as possible. The warranty, the price, the condition, the extras, the model, all that must be taken into account and even when talking about the very same sales company, you’ll be getting options that are good and others that are frankly bad.

Would a Dutchess Recreational Vehicle be Good For Me?

There isn’t a definitive answer to this. You’ll need to consider all the pros and cons and make sure that the particular model you’ll be getting for the particular price is good.

We have heard wonders about the dutchess recreational vehicles and we’re sure that as a brand and as a service, they’re great. But are they the best choice in the market when you consider all aspects of it?

As a general recommendation, we believe that reading this guide will enlighten you on what to look for when buying any RV. Forget about the fact that the guide is oriented for used motorhomes as it’s something that you can still apply to regular motorhome purchase.

You’ll most likely be able to make a solid purchase just from a tenth of the advice you’ll get and the information you’ll come to know in that book, which is something impressive that will end up saving you a couple of thousand dollars.

Class C Motor Home

Dutchess Recreational Vehicles – Some Final Notes

First of all, this article will end up being a bit smaller than our average, but we just wanted to tell you to go out and check RVs because that is the only way you’ll be able to find a good deal in one.

Do not give up on your first find, because what you may believe to be a golden nugget may be actually a disappointing offering.

With the right advice, you won’t fall into a bad deal, we’re sure of it and will likely be able to get one of the best dutchess recreational vehicles.
If you’re planning on getting either a used or brand new class C motorhome, it’s important for you to know which are the top class C motorhome manufacturers. A class C motorhome is very often called a mini motorhome due to the fact that in reality they are just about a smaller model of a class A RV.

Basically you’ll be getting an amazing model, with great luxury, but sold at a much more affordable price than the aforementioned class A models. Of course, they’re also a bit smaller.

A class C motorhome is built on a cutaway chassis. They feature passenger doors, as well as side doors and the space itself is more closely related to what seems like a truck (or even a van), even more so that a class A model.

In the several available choices on motorhomes, you’ll be able to get a model with a rather large sleeping area, which is good if you have a large family or plan to have the friends over for a night sleep. It’s the space that you have that will certainly make the difference when comparing this type of motorhomes with the others available in the market and there are amazing models for the best prices. And speaking of prices, we’ll be talking about a price range that can get anywhere from $45,000 to $100,000 (if you’re talking about the most expensive motorhomes, this price can be even higher!).

Of course that the price range will vary depending on both the model, the extras and the manufacturer, but if you look long enough you’ll surely find a great model that suits your every needs just perfectly and will be affordable enough for you.

Class C Motorhome Manufacturers and the Popularity of The Model

What makes a class C motorhome so popular is the ability of adding all sorts of little luxury details that would otherwise not be present on a regular motorhome. It truly adds a lot more character into the vehicle. Make sure you check for all the upgrading options as you may find a couple of useful goodies for great prices.

The thing with these motorhomes is that they are designed with having family in mind. They will look for comfort, for taking the whole family out for the weekend. It’s also a model for those who happen to stay often on the road and just need something more than the other classes are able to bring to the table.

While the interior is not as spacious as a regular Class A model, you’ll find a model that is extremely efficient in terms of fuel so you’ll be both spending less on the initial purchase and able to spend less ongoing.

class C motorhome manufacturers

Which are the Best Class C Motorhome Manufacturers?

We recommend a couple of class C motorhome manufacturers: Winnebago, Thor Motor Coach, NeXus RV, Conquest Motorhomes, Fleetwood, with any of those you’re sure to get a great model.

Class B Motor Homes

Class B RV Manufacturers – All You Need to Know


This particular article will be focusing on Class B RV’s as well as some information on how to properly choose one of the best Class B RV Manufacturers to get the option that suits your needs the best and makes you happy with the decision.

First of all, a class B RV or class B motorhomes is also known as the camper van. It’s one type of small motorhomes. These RVs may come in all sorts of different designs and style but most of them will include a living room, a sleeping area, a small bathroom and a kitchen. Even though it’s a small space, one of these class B motorhomes have pretty much all you need to live in them. Yes, the bathroom is small and it’ll take a while for you to get used to it, but it’s not too hard to fit a small family in there. They’re also great for adventurer couples to get some neat short vacations as it makes it that much easier to just have to find a suitable place to park.


These vehicles are cheap enough for most people to be able to get one for themselves and allow you to carry quite a lot of things. If you’re looking to buy one, then you have one of two options. You can either buy a brand new motorhome or go for a used one. A new model has prices ranging anywhere from $40,000 to $100,000 depending on what you’re looking to get in it, the comfort options you can add, luxury items and others. Make sure you understand the pros and cons of each model to better understand if the one you’re buying has everything you want or need from it.

Class b RV manufacturers

There are many Class B RV Manufacturers capable of providing great comfort in one of the small motorhomes in the market.

Class B RV Manufacturers – Advantages and Disadvantages of a Class B RV


These compact Class B RVs are rather easy to control. Being smaller than the average model helps in different areas. With less weight, you’ll save gas. The size will allow you to drive it more easily and park it in more spaces when compared to a bigger RV. Another great thing about it is that even though it’s an RV at it’s core, you can still pretty much use it as a regular family vehicle, which is always a plus.

However, you’re still confined to a rather small living size. For most people that may not be a huge problem, but for a lot others it’s just too tight to live. Being small will also limit the amount of people that can stay in one. In fact, on average small motorhomes, there’s room for about 4 to live in comfortably. If you have a big family then you should probably think about getting a bigger RV. Due to it being considerably smaller than the other RVs, there’s also a lot less room for you to take your personal items. You’ll also need to connect and disconnect the electricity and water supply every time you leave or enter the park, but that’s probably something you were quite familiar with.

Class B RV Manufacturers – What they’re doing

Even though there are some clear comfort issues with using a smaller RV, the manufacturers are coming up with more and more luxury items. The new features are making the interior spaces seem bigger than what they actually are, and are providing extra storage spaces to make sure you’re comfortable in one. It’s not hard to find great quality Class B RV Manufacturers, but it’s important to test the model to see if it’s right for you.

Campervan Accessories

All The Camper Parts and Supplies For Your Camping Journey

If you’re looking to go out on a camping journey, then getting the proper camper parts and supplies is probably a way of improving the way you do camping.

The difference that the right materials make is actually more noticeable than you may initially believe. Little things like having a good quality battery operated heater that you can take for camping can indeed make a difference in those cold nights.

And getting the best tools will empower you with many more possibilities in terms of comfort. I believe that being as comfortable as possible while camping is the solution for a time well spent.

That is why things like pop-up camper accessories exist these days: people want to get in contact with nature, enjoying being on the outside and getting some fresh air, perhaps spending some quality time with family and friends, but do not want to be uncomfortable.

While this balance may be somewhat hard to achieve, it’s certainly possible. But what are the camper parts and supplies that you really need to be comfortable?

Camper parts and supplies

First of all, there’s the aforementioned battery operated heater. It really does make the difference in terms of comfort and the best ones can be used both on the inside and outside of your tent, making it a complete package. Plus, besides being relatively cheap to purchase, they’re also easy to maintain.

One thing that many people forget is to take a first aid kit. When in the wild, and especially if you’re the adventurous type and want to into the woods to explore every little corner, a proper first aid kit is fundamental to ensure that if anything happens you’re have the right tools. Another thing you should be getting is a small knife, which is very useful.

Another great thing that does take up too much space and will add a lot of comfort to the night’s outdoors is a good quality inflatable camping mattress. Those who have already tried to sleep on the floor of a tent on the outside will know that it’s extremely uncomfortable and if you’re not used to it, you may end up not being able to sleep for the first couple of nights, something that has a very easy solution.

Cooking is also something you should worry and with the current prices on camping grills, you’re good to go with the three-item promotion they have up right now. You’ll be able to cook by yourself, which is actually much better monetarily and in terms of the end result (you know exactly what the cooking process consists of and the type of meat you’re using).

Are These Camper Parts and Supplies Necessary?

The answer is probably no, but they are indeed of great help for people who simply want to get a good camping trip with more comfort that they would without these items.

If you’re still unsure about them, try and camp for a couple of days to tests the waters and determine what you really need. No need to waste money on camper parts and supplies you won’t be using, right?

Which are the RV Awning Lights that you didn’t know you needed?

Having RV awning lights outside of your RV is a great way of adding a good feel of illumination without having to spend too much. These RV awning lights are easily purchased for a small price and installing them is an absolute breeze.

They will provide you with a great ambient light that is bright and they can be used even in situations where you happen to have an unfortunate power outage.

An important aspect of these lights is that even though they are actually very bright they still will not attract insects, which is a big plus when using them on your RV.

Using one of these sets will really make the difference in the class of the camping, making it much easier to identify a certain part of the RV with ease. Again, these lights are made to be bright but still last for a long period of time, and if you get a good model, not even the repacking should be any hard (on low quality models you’ll probably end up with the wires getting all tangled and some of the lights suddenly stop working. That’s something you should avoid.

If you want to camp or use your RV on a place where you can’t connect to a power source, getting a battery operated light set is probably the best option and that is indeed our main recommendation. With a simple set of AAA batteries you’ll be able to have enough light for up to 20 hours thanks to the use of the LED technology. The advantage of using LED lights is that you can reach a level where the lights are bright without using up a whole lot of energy in the process. And the best thing is that these lights have a really high life expectancy (way over than the regular ones people use at home).

Are RV Awning Lights Really Necessary?

Well, this is a bit of a personal opinion but I do believe they do make a difference into getting a nicer feel to the RV. The extra light source that you get without having to connect to the power supply is also a nice bonus.

If you go on camping you can use it both indoors and on the outside if you want some extra lighting. They aren’t mandatory, but they do work out great.

Which set of RV Awning Lights Are Recommended?

If you had to purchase a specific set then the ones by Coleman would be the right choice. These LED lights have everything you could possibly want from them and are sure to last for a long time.

Besides, you’ll be able to use these sets of lights for not only the outside of the RV, but also the inside, as well as tents and in other places. Running on batteries just gives them a whole lot more mobility than having to be connected to the power source to work.

If you want some RV Awning Lights then this is the right choice for you.

Driving Abroad – What you need to know

driving abroad

Driving Abroad – What You Need To Know

To drive abroad you need a full driving licence that is in date. If you have a photo-card licence you need to take the paper counterpart with you too.Your insurance must cover you for the countries that you plan to drive through. Take the original insurance certificate with you, not just a copy. You need to carry your passport with you in most European countries. Drivers whose passports are not European may need a visa to drive in Europe.

If you wear glasses or contact lenses in countries like Spain, you need to carry a spare set. In some countries you need an international drivers permit, which you can apply for at the Post Office before you leave.

Make sure that your breakdown cover covers you for the countries you will be driving through and carry those documents with you too.

If you are stopped and fined, in most European countries, you have to pay the fine on the spot in cash or risk being fined more, so carry some cash. Most police officers are sympathetic and will allow you to drive to a cash-point, but not all will do so.

In addition to the documentation already mentioned it is wise to carry your MOT certificate, credit cards, a spare insurance green card, family travel cover documents and your EHIC health card. Carry a note of all contact numbers, such as insurances and card loss insurance numbers. That way if your mobile phone or documentation gets lost or stolen you still have this important information to hand.

In addition you need a spare set of bulbs, 2 warning triangles, high vis jackets for each car occupant, a first aid kit, spare fuses, a fire extinguisher, a GB sticker, headlight converters, a spare tyre and the equipment to change the tyre and in some countries a tow rope. This list is not exhaustive, so check for additional requirements for each country you plan to drive through.

motoring abroad

Driving Abroad – What To Take With You

The documents you need to drive abroad are: your licence – including the paper counterpart, the original of the car’s registration document, your original motor insurance documents and you will also have to produce your passport if you are stopped.If by law you need a visa to travel in the country you are driving in you should also carry that with you.

When driving in Spain you also need a spare pair of glasses or contact lenses if you need to wear them in order to drive. In addition in some countries you need an international drivers permit, which you get from the post office.

Check that the breakdown cover you have is valid for the countries you plan to drive in and take that documentation with you.

In most countries fines are payable on the spot, so carry some cash to allow you to pay these fines. Some police officers will be sympathetic and allow you to drive to a cash-point, but do not depend on this. Get a receipt for any fine you pay, just in case you want to appeal at a later date.

You should also carry your MOT certificate, credit or debit cards, a spare green card, travel insurance documents and your EHIC health card. Carry a note of all contact numbers, e.g. insurances and card loss insurance numbers. That way if your mobile phone or documentation gets lost or stolen you still have this important information to hand. On the same paper make a note of things like your passport and driving licence numbers to help you to get them replaced if need be.

You will also need a spare set of bulbs, 2 warning triangles, spare fuses, a fire extinguisher, high vis jackets for each car occupant, a first aid kit, a GB sticker, headlight convertors, a spare tyre and the equipment to change the tyre and in some countries a tow rope. Check for additional requirements for each country you plan to drive through before you leave, this article does not contain an exhaustive list of what you need across all countries.

motor home insurance

What You Need To Drive Abroad

To drive abroad you will need: your licence – including the paper counterpart, the original car registration document, your original motor insurance certificate and you may have to produce your passport if you are stopped, so carry that too. If by law you need a visa to travel in the country you are driving through you should carry that with you too.

When driving in Spain you need a spare pair of contact lenses of glasses if you need to wear them in order to drive, this is just in case your glasses break on a journey. In some countries you also need an international drivers permit, which you can apply for from the post office.

Breakdown cover is not always valid for all countries. Make sure yours is valid for all the countries you plan to drive through as well as your destination country. Take your breakdown documentation with you.

In the majority of countries fines are payable there and then, so carry enough cash to allow you to pay any fines you get. Most police officers will be sympathetic and allow you to drive to a cash-point, but this is not always the case or in isolated places is simply not practical. Get a receipt for any fine you pay, so you can appeal at a later date or prove that you actually paid the fine.

It is also wise to carry your MOT certificate, credit cards, a spare insurance green card, travel insurance documents and your EHIC health card (formerly called the E111). Carry a note of all contact numbers, such as insurances and card loss insurance numbers in your pocket. This way if your mobile phone or documentation is stolen or lost you still have this important contact information to hand.

A spare set of bulbs, 2 warning triangles, high vis jackets for each car occupant, a first aid kit, spare fuses, a fire extinguisher, a GB sticker, headlight converters, a spare tyre and the equipment to change the tyre and in some countries a tow rope are also necessary to drive abroad. This list is not 100% complete, rather it is a summary of the minimum needed. Check for additional requirements for each country you plan to drive through with the AA, RAC or that countries consulate website.

Demand for Camper Van Hire

Camper Van

Demand for camper van hire takes off again

Camper van hire is a service that more and more holidaymakers are waking up to and taking advantage of. Up until only a few years, hiring a camper van was something most holidaymakers would have never really considered.

In the UK, the camper van hire business was once mainly made up of students or mature adults who were enjoying a gap year, in the UK. Australians and Americans who were taking student gap years or sabbaticals from their jobs would come to the UK with the intention of seeing as much of the country as they could. For them hiring or buying a camper van was the perfect solution. The fact they were in the UK for several months made using hotels and B&Bs prohibitive from a cost point of view.

Camper vans gave them the flexibility they needed to stay where they wanted and move on when they wanted.

Both Australians and Americans are used to driving long distances and doing so in large vehicles, so they were not daunted by the idea of driving a camper van. Sadly, for Americans the practice of allowing employees sabbaticals every 10 or 15 years is very much on the wane.

Australian students are still coming to the UK in similar numbers, but economics mean that most now base themselves in large UK cities and explore from there. The majority need to hold down a job to be able to afford to explore the UK, so they use their leisure time to explore rather than hiring a camper van for several months.
For the camper van hire industry as a whole, this has been bad news. However, not for all, those who have adapted and looked for new markets have had a surprising level of success.

fiat camper van

The new business models for camper van hire

Many van hire firms have adapted what they offer to appeal more to UK holidaymakers rather than foreign visitors looking for an adventure.

The pricing they offer makes it far cheaper for four adults to hire a camper van and enjoy the freedom of the road. They include extras, such as, Sat Nav, child seats and bike racks, so whether you are a family looking for a safe, controlled environment for your toddler or a group of adventure sports fans they have a van to suit.

Burstner Viseo I700 Motor Home Review

This is a review of the burstner viseo i700 motor home


burstner viseo i700 is an award-winning motor home that has won the trust of many in the world. Its superiority is seen in its features.

General information

· Its registration year date in 2014

· It has a six speed manual gearbox

· It has 4 berths

· It features a fiat ducato 2.3 130 multijet engine

· It is a burstener model

· It has alloy wheels 640

The specifications listed above may not mean a lot to a user who has no engineering background. In that case, it is important o talk about what the motor home really offers to the users i.e. the traveller.

1. Entertainment

Entertainment is essential in any travel and this motor home assures that. There are different elements that ensure that the entertainment aspects of the coach are paramount. First of all, there is a modern radio/CD player which will enable the traveller to enjoy his/her favorite music while at the same time catching update about the current issues. The leisure battery and charger further enhances the entertaining features of the motor home. There are also two tv’s allowing a catch up of your favourite program or movie.


2. Comfort

Different areas can be discussed when it comes to unfolding the comfort that burstner viseo i700 gives. If you enjoy a hot shower, you will get exactly that –thanks to the water heating system that has been installed. The coach is also well air conditioned in order to ensure that the occupants feel comfortable throughout the journey. The electric windows that it features are also suggestive of the comfort that you will enjoy. You will have an easy time opening and closing the windows.

3. Cooking640

You hate packed food? No problem! With this motor home, you can cook your favorite meal any time. There is an oven/grill which will facilitate that. Individuals who wish to carry some packed food are also at liberty to do because they will enjoy the services of an installed fridge.

Other features that enhance the superiority of the motor home include:

· The cassette toilet

· Cruise control

· Double glazed windows

· Electric mirrors

· Fresh and waste water tanks

· Roof light –the heki roof light

· Swivel front seats


Indeed this is a sturdy travel tool that has come in at the right time. It offers the much needed reliability and comfort.

What do past users say?

A good number of people are for it i.e. they endorse it. It is a spacious motor home that facilitates moving out with your friends, members of family, business partners among other individuals.

However, some people have complained about its limited space especially in situations where you want to travel with more people.

Many users like it due to the facilitates that it comes with. It is really a competitively priced motor home because it enables us to practice what we can do at home. The only key different is that the motor home allows us to practice that while on transit. The descriptions given here may look unbelievable for some of us. If you are in doubt of the capabilities of this coach, kindly seek its services this holiday. You will be intrigued!

Mercedes Winnebago Via Review

This is a review of the impressive luxury Mercedes Winnebago via

Winnebago Via

The impressive fuel economy and its bold look have placed the Mercedes Winnebago via in a class of its own. Built on the Mercedes Benz sprinter chassis, this version has reinvented what a class travel product should have. Anyone in the UK will definitely like everything about this coach.via

Why is it an award-winning motor home?

Different arguments can be given in response to the question above. The arguments vary from the high product specifications, features and what users have said about it. Apart from the aspects that have been raised above, here are the main features that have made it the one to own.


1. It features a Mercedes-Benz turbo-diesel engine

If you want a motor home that is strong and reliable, this type will provide you exactly that. The engine that it uses is versatile thus facilitating an amazing drivability. Many people brand it as the long term future of motor homes’.

2. The interior

There is no denying the fact that the manufacturer has employed creativity while designing the interior of the motor home. The Via is 25-foot long. Its inside is roomy.

The Interior boasts a slide out room, which can be extended when the vehicle is parked up. There are large soft leather sofas and a dining table that has a removable pedestal base. The table could easily be moved to serve not only the driver but also the passengers. The driver and passenger seat also swivel around to become additional seating, when the vehicle is not moving. winnebago via

That is not all. The interior has also been equipped with equipment and items meant for entertainment. For instance, there is a 26-inch LCD TV that is mounted on the wall. There is also a 19-inch LCD TV in the bedroom area. The 19 inch TV is meant to enhance your comfort in the bedroom area. In that case, a person will be sure to catch up with his/her favorite movies or music.

I think the manufacturer of Mercedes Winnebago via deserves applause and congratulations that it has always received concerning this Via.

It has endeavored to ensure that every traveller gets his/her desired taste. What I mean is that if you are choosey about your interior. Your preference can been taken care of as you will be able to get a Via that has an interior of your choice. If you have never used a Via before, kindly find time and explore some of the galleries that have been posted about the interior of this brand. Decorative interior shades such as sunset cherry, mocha cherry are available for you to choose from.

Other features in its interior include:

· Light weight cabinets

· A microwave oven

· Removable freezer unit

· Large beds

The list is long. There are several other features about the Via that cannot be explained in writing. It that case, it is recommended that you try using the services of the coach. You will love it.

Any dislikes

Any product will hardly lack a shortcoming but this time round, this coach seems to have intrigued everyone. Perhaps we can say it will not accommodate a lot of people. However, this does not mean you should not take your large family out.

If you have the money, this is the one to own!!

mercedes winnebago

Rapido 640 Motor Home Review

This is a review of the rapido 640 motor home

Rapido 640

If there is a motor home that should always be ranked the no 1 motor home of the year’ it should be the rapido 640 motor home. Its innovation is what makes it one of the leading preferences in the industry.

Key features of the motor home

· 3 berth

· Fiat ducato base

· 2.3TD engine

· 3500kg (maximum weight)

· Low profile

· The French bed layout

rapido interior

Even if you have never used a motor home before, you will appreciate that the above features are unique. For those who have used the motorhome, you will find out that some features are missing from my list. I agree with you because there are some features that cannot be described in writing. In that case, I recommend any non-user to try exploiting the services of this motor home so that he/she can learn about the un-listed features.

What makes it a state-of the art motor home?

A good question! There are different reasons that can be given in response to this question. Some of these reasons include:

1. It is compact and its styling is neat

The motor home is study and its designer had the user in mind. It is one of those products that will give you the comfort that you desire. Individuals who have used it have vowed to use it again when in need of motor home services.

2. The dressing area

It is a fact that several other motor home designers and manufacturers do not consider providing enough and useful dressing areas in their travel products. This can be confirmed from different motor home review sites. If you want a motor home that will not disappoint you should go for the rapido 640.

3. The kitchen

A comfortable travel coach is characterized by many features. For example, it should have comfortable seats. Other people may desire the best entertainment features. Motor home feature kitchens where occupants can prepare their food. The rapido 640 motor home has a kitchen that is practical and novel. It is all you need to cook your favorite dishes and snacks.


4. Storage space

The amount of storage space in this French product is enough. It will enable you to carry all your essentials e.g. play kits, camping items and other products which you may desire while away on holiday.

5. The interior

The interior of the motor home is amazing. It is well furnished and equipped with all components that are appealing to the eye. For example, its lounge is bright and comfortable. It also features a good shower space and a wonderful vanity only to mention a few areas.


There are two things that may not impress about this motor home. First of all, the coach lacks a spare wheel. This may make the travel annoying in case any of the coach wheels develop problems. Secondly, it features only one mains socket which can also result in certain problems.


Regardless of the two shortcomings, this French flair is still the motor home to beat in the market. It has captured the interests of millions in the world.